2020 2-4 Capitol Building

Celebrating Small Victories Living Life in an Upside Down World

Last week I spent most all of the week in our nation’s Capital attending the annual meeting of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). While many might see DC itself and the way that the federal government has been working (or not working well) as an example of something that is upside down, I did not intend this title to be a commentary on that. Instead, I wanted to share a little about one of the events that I attended that centered on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. (more…)

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2019 12-12 collage girls

Scholarship Excels at USW

Meghan Morey (left) and Unique Stock (right)
Guest Blog by Dr. Yusheng Wu, Assistant Professor at USW

Last month, University of the Southwest faculty and students participated in the New Mexico Research Symposium, a collaborative event hosted by the New Mexico Academy of Science. USW’s ongoing involvement in this annual conference provides our students the opportunity to make oral presentations, take part in poster competitions, and attend a keynote address. (more…)

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2019 11-19 prayer

3 Good Things this Week

All good things come from God. This week I wanted to acknowledge three in particular.

Thursday morning at 6 AM in the Jack and Mabel Maddox Student Life Center University of the Southwest will host the Annual Lea County Prayer Breakfast on our campus for the fourth consecutive time. Although I believe that there may be a few advance tickets still floating around somewhere, my understanding is that most all of these have been sold so the best bet for those who haven’t yet acquired tickets will be to purchase them at the door. Three dollars for a hearty, all-you-can-eat breakfast and an hour of worship and fellowship to give thanks to a gracious God sounds like a pretty good deal to me even if my wife thinks it’s a bit earlier in the morning than she ordinarily would like to get up. (more…)

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2019 11-12 womens soccer

We Are the Champions!!

I am so very happy to congratulate Coach D’Angelo Garcia, grad assistant coach Maria Reynolds, and the USW Women’s Soccer team on their victory this past weekend. In a hard fought contest that ended 1-0, USW captured the University’s first ever women’s soccer conference championship last Saturday in Texarkana at the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) Championship finals match against Our Lady of the Lake. (more…)

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2019 10-22 alumna

Innovation and the Mustang Advantage

Yesterday Dr. Melissa Mireles was honored in a brief on-campus reception as USW Alumna of the Year. Listening to Mel share her journey from a dusty Texas border town all the way to her highly successful career in health care administration at one of the top hospital systems in the U.S. gave me pause to think. You see, Mel was here when I first arrived nearly five years ago and thinking about how far she has come also made me think about how far our university has come, too.

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