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The Prairie Dogs and Cottontails are on “Hi” Alert

So Monday when I returned from the Maddox Student Life Center, a cottontail rabbit was sitting at the end of the breezeway of the Administration Building. As usually is the case with these rabbits, he or she was on high alert waiting and watching for anything that might prompt it to scurry away. I wasn’t all that close and so for a moment or two, it sat there while I went unnoticed. It later hopped off when I paused to take a picture using my phone. The picture I got didn’t come out well since it was too far away (and some of my fingertips appeared in the “photo”) but it made me think. Just like the rabbit, the campus community is on high alert in anticipation of students arriving during the weekend ahead. 

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Preparing for the Crunch: Time to Refocus

I spent this weekend, and many evenings this past week, painting, putting down flooring, caulking, and re-installing fixtures in our master bathroom while my wife watched movies. It was my own fault really. Like I approach most things, I was on a mission to finish the last remodeling project of the summer before students start arriving to campus. Granted we are expecting the first batch August 1st because they are here to start training for early fall sports, but it is the back to school sale flyers in the Hobbs News-Sun that reminds me that the clock is ticking and students are gearing up to return to their classrooms.  Read More