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Happy Halloween!

This week many will celebrate Halloween. As a kid, this was an exciting time for me primarily because it meant the opportunity to go Trick or Treating, and ultimately, the haul of candy and surprises at the end of the effort, followed by the trading of less favorite candies for more desirable ones that had found their way into my two sisters’ Treat bags. Anything chocolate was highly prized (unless it had nuts in it), and anything minty or licorice-flavored was relegated to the give-away pile. Hard candies fell somewhere in between but sweet tarts and smarties were keepers.

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A BIG Week at USW

Last week was a big week for the University of the Southwest. We had an inauguration and a luncheon that followed to install the new president (me). It all came off without a hitch, if we don’t count the air conditioning being out in Mabee Southwest Heritage Center that inspired us to move the entire event to the Jack & Mabel Maddox Student Life Center. And thanks to many, many helping hands and Laurie Dean’s lead in planning and implementing the day was not only successful, it was fun. It also was fun getting video congratulations from our travelling volleyball team!

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