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Great Expectations

Following our 70 degree day yesterday, it was nice to drive in this morning with a bright sun and blue skies illuminating the landscape and realize how beautiful the weather is to start our new semester. It also made me reflect on the end of last week and how grateful I am to start the new term in great anticipation.  Read More

No Hoverboards, Drones, or Guns, Oh My!

At my house this past Christmas we saw none of the usual gifts that seem to have dominated the media for the past several weeks.  No packages containing hoverboards, big or small drones, or automatic weapons were under this year’s Christmas tree at my house. I’m not sure what I would have done with a hoverboard anyway, although my wife has been itching to give one a try mostly because all the pre-teens and young teenagers on our block seem to have such a good time riding them on the street in front of our house. What we did unwrap were mostly clothing with the San Antonio Spurs logo (with “21” being the most popular number), quite a few board games, and lots and lots of dog toys.

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