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Achieving Educational Excellence and Associated Costs

Last week information was shared widely with on-campus undergraduate students and our on-line students about increases in tuition and housing prices in the upcoming fiscal year that were approved by the Board of Trustees last summer. Decisions such as these are never made lightly nor without considerable discussion and deliberation regarding how to ensure excellence in educational quality, adequately compensate faculty and staff, and remain affordable for student learners. Realizing that not all who might be interested in this topic would have received this information, I am providing in this blog some of the text that I shared in my email to students last week.

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Celebrating Chapel

I especially am looking forward to Chapel this week. Since I was out of town last Wednesday I missed the first one of the semester and the opportunity to enjoy worshipping with our students, faculty and staff. To me it just doesn’t feel like campus is fully operational without experiencing Chapel during the week.

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