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Dr. Jazmine Brantley

Guest blog: Dr. Ryan Tipton

The School of Business at USW is pleased to announce the newest addition to our on-campus faculty team. Dr. Jazmine Brantley comes to USW from Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she completed her Doctorate in Economic Development at New Mexico State University.  Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Brantley obtained her MBA from Harding University while simultaneously working for the USDA as a farm loan officer.  Dr. Brantley is an avid blogger and maintains an active, personal e-commerce site promoting her personal areas of interest.  The addition of Dr. Brantley to the on-campus faculty reinforces the core brand of the USW School of Business outlined below.

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Swimming with the Sharks

On Monday morning as I prepared to leave the house I commented to my wife that getting dressed up for work was especially difficult coming back from a beach vacation. Looking over at me she noticed that I was dressed in khaki pants, loafers and a short-sleeved polo shirt and opined that I didn’t look all that dressed up. I responded that, sure, I wasn’t wearing a suit and tie but I was wearing socks for the first time in ten days!

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