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God is Here and So Are Our Students!

This morning area pastors met on campus with our campus ministry team and staff in the Jack and Mabel Maddox Student Life Center prayer room to “pray in the new year.” We do this every year but it was especially important this year given the emphasis across the country on campus safety, Title IX, racism, sexism, student debt, and many other challenges that today’s college students are confronted with as young adults who thought that they had enrolled simply to study and earn degrees.

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Three New Things

After an evening lightning shower that carried on throughout the night and nearly until daylight, a pleasant surprise this morning was a healthy dose of rain, fresh air, and cooler temperatures. It didn’t matter that our sprinklers were programmed to water the lawn this morning, any rain we get always is welcome. But that’s not the only new thing in Hobbs these days.

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Ready, Set, Go!

In preparation for our early fall scholar-athletes who are on campus today, our facilities workforce has repainted our traffic and parking lot markers (led by Henry Campos), resurfaced the gymnasium floors and polished the hallways in the Jack and Mabel Maddox Student Life Center, spent countless hours cleaning residential rooms and bathrooms, and added brick surrounds to trees lining our traffic oval. And even with all this, much remains to be done in the remaining few weeks that follow Sunday’s arrival of our varsity soccer athletes.

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