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Together We Can

I am excited that next month USW employees once again will be included in a retirement plan.  We are thankful for our Board of Trustees who voted unanimously to begin a relationship with GuideStone Financial Resources to help our full-time faculty and staff prepare for the future. We also are thankful that GuideStone is a Dallas-based, regional firm that is committed to making prudent investments in companies and businesses that affirm positive values in line with USW’s mission. Just as we as an institution are committed to educating and preparing servant leaders, we would hope that our graduates will find their vocation or “calling” with organizations that value individual faith, responsibility and initiative and also care deeply about the future of their employees.  Read More

Let’s Make the Main Thing the Main Thing

This past week I have seen more than the usual number of challenges come to my office that have commanded a good bit of attention. Most have centered around results that people wanted to see happen rather than the outcomes that they necessarily needed. Of course my office is always open to anyone on campus who thinks I can help them whether they ultimately judge that I did so or not. Sometimes whether or not I did is a matter of perspective.

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Welcome Back BBQ, Cable Cross Machine, and HLC Review Team

Last night we finally had our Welcome Back Cookout after two previous attempts were scrubbed because of rain. Comparing it with the previous year, last night’s event featured more students (probably because our on-campus enrollment has increased 25%), cooler weather, and more mosquitos. Not sure if this last thing was my imagination because of all the global concern about the Zika virus or because we actually have more of these pesky insects as a result of much welcome rain over the past several weeks. But our soccer field sure looks great!

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An Easy Time in the Big Easy

As usual, a lot is going on at the University of the Southwest this time of year. Our Women’s Volleyball team flew to New Orleans this past weekend for a tournament and a chance to improve their winning record. Coach Morgan’s team did just that, posting five wins in six tries and finishing in first place for the tournament. Shelby Bartley & Brenda Pargas were named to the All-Tournament Team. Brenda Pargas was also named the RRAC Setter of the Week for the second week in a row! Their record now stands at 8 and 2, which is pretty good considering all of their matches have been played far away from home. They are on the road again this weekend travelling to Kansas where they will face four more opponents before heading home to begin conference play versus the University of St. Thomas on September 15.  Read More