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Better Latte than Never

Driving in this morning I stopped at the Undergrounds Coffee Shop on Grimes where I could see the electronic billboard that periodically flashes an advertisement for the University of the Southwest. It is the third one that we, or I should say, Kathryn Eades has produced to draw good attention to USW. Just like the other two, this one is bright and eye-catching and once again features the stars of our campus: our Students! 

The café latte that I ordered this morning to assist me in writing this blog (along with the three bananas that I typically consume for breakfast), will probably be my last one purchased from that store for a while. It’s not because of anything lacking in service or quality for I really like the people who work there, the location, and the product. What has changed or will soon change I am told, is a new option in Hobbs for coffee, lattes, and espressos. That option will be in the Bill Daniels Campus Center on the University of the Southwest campus. The opening day of operation is scheduled for this week, thanks to Great Western Dining Services and Daybreak Coffee out of Lubbock. And yes, the price is rumored to be about half of what I have been paying for “customized” coffee in town. 

Now that cooler weather has arrived in Hobbs having a hot coffee service throughout the day will be a welcome treat for our students, faculty, staff and any visitors who might want to drop by. And thanks to our Provost and Deans, there also are plans to add a few book kiosks on campus to make more convenient the purchase of required textbooks. Dr. Guerrero has even hinted that the kiosks and the plans we are considering to make the campus library a hub of activity in the future may even invite the opportunity for a campus bookstore that also permits the sale of Mustang gear and snacks. This is just a little bit exciting for a campus community that is fast approaching bulging capacity for its residential student population. At least I know that I am excited! 

I am also excited that USW and the School of Business are moving forward on plans to develop our first Doctoral degree program in the history of the University. Yesterday, with the blessing of our accreditation liaison at the Higher Learning Commission, we submitted a proposal for a Doctorate in Business Administration. Now this is just the first step in a lengthy process to actually offer the degree, but it is an important and essential BIG step. So we can all be excited about this! 

The last bit of excitement is about enrollment. After a record-setting fall term where we exceeded by a tremendous amount the largest number of student credit hours the University has ever produced in a semester, we are now in a position to glimpse a similar development for the spring. While it is a quite a bit early to know with any certainty the outcome of our on-line enrollment for Spring A and B, we have record early enrollment in our upcoming mini-mester and also in our face-to-face class offerings.

So if you are in the market for a cup of coffee and a chat about all that is going on at the University of the Southwest, plan to stop on by the Bill Daniels Campus Center.  Chances are I might see you there—and the first cup will be on me!


Saying Grace and Giving Thanks

At USW we have a lot for which to be thankful. Enrollment is at an all-time high, but more than that, it is the students we are enrolling and the faculty who are on hand to teach them who are among the many blessings we might count. And let’s not forget our incredible coaches, staff, trustees, foundation members, donors, and friends. Truly our cup runneth over!

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On Wednesday morning, if not late Tuesday night, the United States of America and the rest of the world not fortunate enough to live here will know the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. And while I think we all recognize that it is a great privilege to be able to vote and elect our political representatives, most all of us will be glad to see this year’s race come to an end.

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