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Signaling and the Value of a College Degree

Each morning I begin the day reading industry news articles and the national news. In today’s industry news source I read an article about how a college degree has become the new high school degree. I’m glad I took time to read it because I initially skipped over it thinking it sounded like something Captain Obvious would say. Certainly the world already knows or thinks this? Even so, I read to see if there was something new about the necessity of a college degree in the modern world and the author did not disappoint.

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A New Year for Hope and Blessings

Now that we are in the new year all of us will have to remind ourselves to write 2017 on all of our correspondence, from dating checks, to making appointment dates. I’m not sure where 2016 went but I am not entirely sad to see it go and I always look forward to what today and tomorrow and the upcoming new year will bring. Mostly, I am hopeful for good surprises and blessings.

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