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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A few weeks ago as my son was helping me find a birthday card for my mother, we noticed that the Valentine’s Day cards were out. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have thought that far in advance to pick out a card for my wife, and like most men, would have waited until the day before to do so, finding that the array that remained could be described using the same name as one of my favorite character actors in Western movies, Slim Pickens.

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Memorial to Kenneth Brown

Guest blog: John McCance, Dean of Library Services

Ken Brown was my friend, our friend. To quote a now trite saying, he had “a heart as big as all outdoors”. He literally did. He had great compassion for not only his students but others on campus as well. It was Ken’s nature to address the needs of others even if it meant doing so at his own expense, from purchasing a Segway to help improve the mobility of a student to literally taking whole small groups of students under his wing.

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Hoopla, Hoops and Hallelujahs!

Not much has seemed normal since the start of the New Year. The Presidency of the United States changed hands, the world lost Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Mary Tyler Moore and I lost my father all in the same month. I can’t speak to the deaths of the three iconic females, but my dad’s passing was a blessing for him. His pain, immobility, and discomfort are over and as a Christian it is my belief that in his new home his eternal rest will bring him the peace and comfort he missed for many of the last several years of his life.

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