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A Good and Great Performance

Guest blog by Richard Trout, English Instructor at USW

Malcolm Gladwell, who spoke last week in Hobbs as the Jack and Mabel Maddox Distinguished Lecturer and is on Time’s 2005 list of the most 100 influential people, is an exciting and provocative speaker. His curiosity and wit are on par with Albert Einstein’s, and this treasure is available in several bestselling books: The Tipping Point, Blink (my favorite), Outliers (his most popular), What the Dog Saw, and David and Goliath (his best work in his opinion).

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Living Life with an Attitude of Gratitude

Working out early yesterday morning I caught a segment on ESPN about the selection of ring bearers for the World Championship Chicago Cubs. Everyone who follows professional baseball and just about everyone else knows that the Cubbies won the World Series last fall after more than a 100 year-old chase to be champions. So the selection of 20 lucky fans who would be on Wrigley Field during the recent ring presentation ceremony last week was a big deal. One of those selected was Amy Liss, a diehard Cubs fan who happens to have cerebral palsy, but despite her disability, she approaches each day of her life with an attitude of gratitude. Can we say that we do?

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Plan on Hearing Mallory Brown on April 27

Guest blog by Kathryn Eades, Development & External Relations Coordinator

This year’s annual Free Enterprise Dinner will feature Ms. Mallory Brown, founder of World Clothesline. Curious about the world around her, Mallory Brown, at the age of 20, strapped on a backpack and set out to discover new people and places. She fell in love with the world. She learned to appreciate different ways of life and was deeply touched by the universality of basic human need.

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