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Mustang Advantage

I wanted to share a story that Elyn Palmer told me about two weeks ago when I happened to sit by her to catch our extremely talented Women’s Soccer team win their third consecutive match. Elyn was so touched by an email that our Provost, Dr. Larry Guerrero, had shared with her and her staff that I later asked Larry to send it to me. So after some light “sanitation” to protect the identity of the student I thought I would post it on this week’s blog. It goes something like this:

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Caryn and I enjoyed several days of vacation in northern New Mexico last week. The first couple of days were spent at Glorieta Camp near Santa Fe where I accompanied Caryn to attend a retreat for pastors. The camp was nothing short of spectacular and our hosts, mostly college-aged young adults, were gracious and hospitable. My shirt jacket still smells like wood smoke from the s’mores-making, sing-along campsite worship service that we enjoyed our first night there. Every meal was spent in fellowship with staff who were interested in where we had come from, and more importantly, would we come back with a larger group? And while they were busy “recruiting” future campers, I used the time to find out more about those who were interning there and their plans for next year. They all now know that USW is the best private college in New Mexico, where it is, and several now have a standing invitation to pursue an undergraduate education here.

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