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Working on a College Campus or in a Sewer was not a Tough Choice for Me

Watching Mike Rowe last night, the Jack Maddox Distinguished Lecturer and producer and star of the hit television series Dirty Jobs, I was impressed by his “tool kit.” With a baritone radio announcer voice, a commanding stage presence, and considerable command of the English language (as well as quite a few Greek and Latin words), Mike regaled the sellout crowd with his ability to tell stories. But even as successful and entertaining was the evening, I couldn’t help wondering about the man himself. Here was a guy romanticizing about the idea of working as a tradesman. However, lacking his grandfather’s gene for having the ability to use his hands to good effect, Mike elected to go to college and study English and Philosophy, and eventually find himself on TV. Read More

Welcome Maria!

As much as each new school year is similar, each also is unique. And this particular new academic year has been particularly interesting in one key respect.

More than any other year I can recall, as we neared the beginning of the fall term we not only were wrapping up a search here and there, but we also learned of unplanned departures of key personnel, even after the start of the fall term.
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