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A Flashlight at the End of the Tunnel

As Halloween brings October to an end, Thanksgiving cannot be far behind. And scarier than Halloween itself, Christmas will be here soon after that. If you are like me, none of us has yet given any thought to shopping for gifts for the special people in our lives. And the Hi-Tech flashlights that I got practically everyone in the family last year was my last best idea for something I thought everyone in my family needed. Read More

Why Education?

Later this week I will have the opportunity to deliver a 20 minute “talk” to a couple of dozen men who have signed up to attend a 4-day Christian retreat. My topic seems fitting for me as a former college professor since it is about growth through study and what I will be suggesting to those in attendance is that one way we learn about things about which we are curious or uninformed is by deliberatively pursuing knowledge. Read More