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God is Always with Us

Last week I wrote about the unusual start to this semester when our campus community was rocked with the news of an event that took place off-campus and claimed the dear life of one of our students and injured four others. I also mentioned what we might learn from such events that help us in the future ease the suffering for those who experience tragedy anew. Read More

We Are the Clay

At church on Sunday I watched my wife lead a children’s sermon with handmade props that she had created many years earlier when we lived in Kansas. The “props” were actually clay pots that she had created in a class she had taken at the Wichita Center for the Arts where she had worked as Controller. Read More

A Shameless Plug for Chapel

If you haven’t been to Chapel this semester or ever, or you just needed extra motivation to attend, hopefully this week’s speaker will pique your curiosity. No, we will not be featuring an agnostic or an atheist, or even a Wiccan or a magician, nothing so unusual as that. Just a Presbyterian. But this one happens to be my wife. Read More