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This is Why We are Here!

Guest Blog from a USW parent

Occasionally we share guest blogs from members of the USW family who have something to say that is either informative or uplifting. The unsolicited letter Ryan Tipton received last week was both, and I felt inspired to feature it as we begin to wrap up what has been a most unusual year:

Good day Dr. Tipton:

I wanted to reach out to you as I felt a need to just express my appreciation to the entire USW community.

My son is wrapping up his first year at USW and although I know my student is an adult and it is not my place to “get involved” with his education.  I am wanting to express how thankful we are that through the efforts of many he not only has been afforded a quality educational experience but also be allowed to be on campus, to participate in his sport and to experience a somewhat normal college experience despite the insanity of COVID.  

This year would not have been possible without the vision and dedication of not only the Provost office but the commitment of each and every member of the USW faculty/staff. 

In the fall – all of the care and steps that were taken so the students would be able to study and be on campus together and practice was incredible.  At a time when many universities were keeping their students off campus, USW welcomed them and took all the steps to keep them safe and manage the risks.   

In the spring – as students returned from fall break, the care and efforts continued.  

I am beyond impressed by the coaches who not only served as the coach for their sport but became camp counselors, disciplinarians, bus drivers, organizers, and problem solvers.  They gave up much of their own home lives to travel for their students and a season.  

Meanwhile many people are back at USW holding down the fort with classes, technology, and service so that students are able to maintain their schooling.

Today on the USW Chapel – one of your employees testified and shared her story.  She truly loves this school/campus.  Honestly, her story was not only a testament to the work of our Good Lord.  But also a statement about how the Lord can surround you with the right people to bring you success.  I am thankful the Lord brought our son to USW, he is surrounded by leadership, faculty, staff and coaches who will help him find his own success and also keep him grounded in faith.

I guess this note was really just a long way of saying THANK YOU!   Please THANK all who have worked for the student athletes of USW.  Our family appreciates the efforts more than you know.

As a special note:  I think the baseball coaches have done an amazing job!  Coach Appel’s leadership is amazing – he has high expectations and guides with compassion.  Personally, I have worked with Grif to help get some items to my son.  He went above and beyond and is a very kind man!

Keep up the good work, we look forward to next academic year!

Thanks again!

Over-involved mom 😁