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Way to Go Mustangs and Jalen Goar!

I’m not sure if you can get carpal tunnel syndrome from clapping, but if that’s what I am experiencing, then I know that it all started opening weekend of Mustang Baseball season and was reignited watching the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams play yesterday.

Two weekends ago, the Mustang Baseball team swept all four games from Central Christian University at Jake Field. Never have I seen better baseball, and the home team did all the good stuff well. Double plays, stealing home, a grand slam home run, strikeouts, and late-inning rallies (3 times) kept me on the edge of my seat. Coach Appel even caught a hotshot that fouled down the third baseline with his bare hand as if it was a routine thing to do. And the weather was great too for the near-capacity crowd to enjoy. Did I mention the retro powder blue jerseys that the boys previewed to open the first day?

This morning my wrists feel the happy pain from continual applause warranted during the Women’s and Men’s Basketball games against Texas College in the Maddox Student Life Center last night. And the callous on my right hand from so much clapping two weeks ago is raw once again from the continued use through both games yesterday.

The Mustang Women’s Basketball team started strong to run up a decent lead early in the first half. Texas College rallied in the second half, but the excellent shooting and the fiery admonition by Assistant Coach Cat Garcia during a timeout was the spark that the team needed to return to the court with a vengeance. I’m not sure I can repeat what Coach Cat said to the team, but it worked, and Texas College resorted to try and pull closer at the end by forcing USW to win the game at the free throw line. Unfortunately for them, USW guard Harlei Haceesa hit every free throw! The final score: Mustangs 88, Texas College 82. The Women played a complete game, and Coach Michael Dominguez can be glad that they did! Well done, Coach!

Both Mustang varsity groups were impressive in their long-range shooting and from the free throw line. In the Men’s game, the Mustangs ran up a commanding lead in the first half but found themselves down 6 points late in the game as Texas College’s shooting improved and the home team’s baskets would not drop. But the Mustangs answered with confidence hitting layups, three-pointers, and attaining perfection at the free throw line to make it a sweep for the home teams. Coach James Voight’s team overcame the temporary deficit to prevail 83-78, bringing their Red River Conference Record to 5-5 after a 3-game winning streak.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the son of two former USW employees set a record earlier this month for his 3-point shooting at Hobbs High School. Kudos to Jalen Goar, who used to practice shooting from the arch at every home game when his dad was head USW Men’s Basketball coach (and when it seemed to me that the ball was bigger than he was). Everyone in Hobbs can join Charles and Michele in being proud of Jalen’s many accomplishments as a senior at Hobbs H.S. Way to go, Jalen!