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“Just a quick note”

Over the past two weeks we have received hundreds of emails, texts, phone calls, and cards expressing support following the March 15 tragedy. Although we might miss some, we are trying our best to respond to them all. 

One message that all have shared is a prayer of encouragement for the families of those who were lost, and for those who are recovering, and for the entire USW family. One email that was particularly touching was from a parent of a student-athlete whose son was playing baseball for Coach Steve Appel the week of the accident. Here’s what she wrote: 

“The entire leadership teams, faculty, staff, have taken such great care of the students on campus.  I still don’t know how coach Appel managed to keep himself together on the road with the team. But I know my son says he is amazing. The community is responding because the university has such wonderful people.   

Although my heart is broken – my faith is renewed.  I believe now more than ever, USW is the best university on the planet.  God has made this a special place. 

I keep you and Caryn in my prayers for strength as you continue to face many challenges and continue to lead with grace, care, and the example of God’s Love.” 

These “quick notes” underscore how blessed USW is to have such dedicated and caring staff. Simply put, they are the best!