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Happy Easter!

Even though I had been going through the Lenten 40 days of prayers self-study that my wife had given everyone at First Presbyterian Church for some unknown reason Easter kind of snuck up on me until yesterday when two things happened.

At Chapel yesterday our guest speaker, Russell Cowan, pastor of the Redeemer Church made a point to remind everyone that, on Sunday, churches all across the world will be celebrating the Resurrection of Christ that commemorates the single-most important event in the history of human civilization.

The second thing was the picture that appears above that Amanda Guzman shared featuring our Great Western Dining staff. Angie and everyone on her staff have been terrific this year feeding and taking such good care of us that I want to acknowledge what a wonderful blessing they are.

Where ever you choose to worship this Sunday I hope that you will take to heart the great blessing of the Risen Christ and the promise that whomever believes in Him shall have eternal life.

Mauricio, Laci, Tiago, Karisa, Travis, Jackson, and Coach Tyler will always live in our memories but more importantly than that, they will live forever in eternity in God’s kingdom. Our faith tells us we will meet these seven in heaven once again and be re-united in a world that transcends the broken one in which we now live.

Happy Easter everyone, for the best is yet to come!