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Oh Happy Dog!

I was a little late to work this morning. I don’t think I got to the office until almost 7:30. Aside from getting up in the middle of the night to tend to a sick dog, our newest addition to our family couldn’t get enough exercise chasing her favorite tennis ball.

I think maybe I own just one dog, but somehow we have three that live at our house. The credit probably goes to my daughter Sarah who is likely the smartest member of our family. When it comes to pets, or at least puppies, she knows how to pick’em and even more importantly, how to present them to her parents as new additions to our home.

Her black lab showed up at our house when we lived in San Antonio. It was Sarah’s birthday and she brought it home on a Sunday afternoon and laid this 6 pound soft and floppy and awkward four-legged animal on my chest while I was trying to take a nap after church. Then she asked if we could keep it, because of course, it was homeless and was not going to grow very big. After all, it was only one-half Labrador, the other half she tried to tell me was Chihuahua.

As feisty as a Chihuahua can be, the black lab “half” seemed to eat more and gain more weight. Five years later cute little Pennelope is 85 lbs and any resemblance to a small dog has faded, although on occasion she still tries to get up in my lap.

Sarah still insists after 5 years in our home that Pennelope is hers and when she gets her own place Pennelope is moving in with her. Supposedly this will occur later this summer and the kids in our new neighborhood in Hobbs already are sad about the prospect of Pennelope leaving and returning to San Antonio.

But Sarah came up with a partial solution. At Spring Break she brought with her a new dog, 6-month old Sophie. At 8 lbs she is a little bit of nothing, loaded with energy, and content to chase a ball or stick or even a light beam non-stop. But this one is my wife’s dog since apparently my wife has wanted a “lap” dog for years and I was the only obstacle to this acquisition.


So in addition to Taz, our 16 year-old border collie/Australian shepherd mix, Pennelope and Sophie keep things lively at home. So what does this all have to do with the University of the Southwest. Not much really, but we do need to find a student who wants to temporarily live at our house for a couple of days from time to time who likes dogs. Did I mention we have DISH and the NBA channel?