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Getting Over the Hump Day: A Prescription for Success

I’m really looking forward to our next chapel service, but unfortunately, it will be the last one of the current academic year. Like so many things this time of year, much of what we do at the University is coming to the end of our educational season. And while many are looking forward to a break, it will time to say “adios” to our graduates and “hasta la vista” to those who will leave us temporarily and return next fall. 


The entire family…Sarah, Caryn, Nathan, and Nick.

Last week’s chapel was a particularly good one, filled with the Spirit, great music, and a wonderful speaker who was so full of energy and life that no one there could help but feeling uplifted. Abby Haggard, co-Pastor of the Cowboy Junction Church, brought the message about “focusing on the one” rather than letting ourselves be distracted and diluted by the many demands on our time and attention. What a great story she told to illustrate the simple wisdom of keeping our eyes on the prize especially in today’s world where so much comes at us from all directions non-stop.

Leah Wilson has promised another wonderful speaker will be on hand for this week’s chapel, the FINAL ONE of this school year. Like last week’s gifted speaker, this one also will be female which reminds me of another great pastor of whom I am in awe. On Sunday the First Presbyterian Church of Hobbs voted unanimously to offer a full-time call of service to Reverend Caryn Thurman, who I am very fortunate to have been married to for nearly 32 years. I don’t know which statistic to be impressed by the most, the fact that someone could put up with me for that many years or the fact that Presbyterians, who hardly ever agree on anything could vote unanimously on something so important (after the paper vote that was taken, several of the long-time members of the Hobbs FPC said that they could not recall the last time all of those who voted on something at the church ever had done so without a single dissenting vote or abstention).

20140325_173415 The new pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Hobbs.

Danny and Leah have done an incredible job of arranging musicians and speakers throughout the year to bring encouraging music and inspiration to our campus community each week. I hope that if you haven’t already let them know how much their efforts are appreciated that you might let them know next time you see them.

If you haven’t been coming to chapel services and you want to be uplifted in the middle of the week, Chapel is at 11 AM. Although there aren’t always a lot of empty seats in the back of the auditorium, there are plenty in the front, just like in Church on Sundays! Hope to see you there!