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From Crazy to Crazy Good

Last week was a crazy one. But that’s probably to be expected during Homecoming Week. But what we didn’t expect were the crazy good parts.

Sure we had outings planned on campus with pumpkin carving contests, double-scary movie night, pajama Monday, and a bonfire that produced enough smoke to generate calls from concerned citizens that maybe our campus was on fire. But along with the scheduled events we also had a lot of Mustang spirit, a good amount of fun, and a wide variety of surprises. 

Given that homecoming ordinarily is synched to the return of varsity sports teams to campus after being on the road, we probably could have homecoming just about any week of the year. However, for our early fall sports, last week was the ideal week to herald the return of most of our teams. So it was fitting that in the last ten days of October that culminated in Homecoming Week we celebrated three Senior Days: one in Women’s Soccer, one in Men’s Soccer, and one in Volleyball. And at each one, we honored 4-5 senior leaders who were finishing up the end of their athletic eligibility and their undergraduate studies. 

So what was the “crazy good” part? Well first I would mention that all three of our homecoming matches resulted in wins for the home team. Both Women’s and Men’s Soccer teams won big. Then last Saturday the Volleyball team closed out their home schedule, easily dispatching their competition in three sets (at least the last set seemed easy). Second, on hand to cheer our Volleyball women to victory, was an anonymous group of 6 or so young men in very creative Halloween costumes. I suspect that they were from the Tennis team but it was kind of hard to tell in the outfits they were wearing. But one thing is for sure, they were having fun and so was everyone else–even the visiting team and their fans I think!

 2016 11-1 soccer proposal

Probably the craziest good part of Homecoming Week took place at the end of the Men’s Soccer match on Wednesday. After all the Seniors were recognized, teammates, coaches, and family members gathered around Senior defender Jimmy Lara who on bended knee proposed to his fiancée. After a heartfelt preamble that began with, “I don’t know what the future holds but I would like you to share it with me” Jimmy proposed. The romance of the moment was complete when she said yes. 

It just doesn’t get any better when we have a Homecoming Week like we just did. It’s a great time to be a Mustang!