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The Beginning and the End

And so it begins. The re-construction of a new playing field for Men’s and Women’s Soccer at the University of the Southwest. Exciting! 

The crews started work last week to dig the trenches for the sprinkler system and this week the pads for the bleachers were poured. Once the sprinklers are in then I believe that the next step is to bring in fresh topsoil and then hydroseed the field. Ninety days of growth will need to occur after that before we are ready to practice and host matches. It will be here before you know it.


Re-construction of the soccer field

Last night’s celebration of meritorious Mustangs across campus punctuated the end of our academic year with an exclamation point. It was great to see our students, staff and faculty in one room applauding excessively for each and every award recipient. What a talented group of students, faculty and staff we are blessed to have at USW! And what a great year we had, especially in our athletic endeavors. As Bill Weidner, our athletic director and host for the evening’s events, likes to say, “It’s a great time to be a Mustang!” Amen!

As my first Honors Convocation to attend I was thrilled to be there and to take part in the festivities from start to finish. Although it lasted more than two hours, the event never dragged. The food was good and the company even better. I also learned that only the brave or the foolish (or those with no choice) will want to follow Coach Casey (aka “Coach B”) or Coach Baker at the mike. I also learned that we probably could have had an alternative venue for the evening had we needed one, a fashion show I think. Coach B might have even won it, although as a group the students also dressed up stylishly with the right amount of individual flair.

Another event of course will mark with great finality for our seniors that the year has indeed come to a close. Outstanding scholars and student-athletes will graduate Saturday bringing to a close what I hope has been a wonderful and memorable time of study, friendship, competition, and maturation. And by the way, if still shots of the soccer field project aren’t exciting enough, we also have a new virtual tour of campus that is nothing less than spectacular! Here’s the link:

Everyone will hear me say it on Saturday that Commencement is my very favorite event. But I have to say, Honors Convocation runs a close second. Hope to see everyone at Baccalaureate and Graduation later this week!