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March Brings Snow Showers and Good News!

Photo: top left – Thurbil Bile; bottom left – Drew Derrieux; top right – Isabel Rodriguez; middle right – Kenedi Tanks; and bottom right – Rhianna Bortoli

Sunday morning before church I washed my car. It seemed safe to do so since no rain was forecast for the week. But snow on the drive to campus the next morning was completely unexpected. It just didn’t seem cold enough to snow, and besides that, winter already had come and gone in Lea County—in fact, it had done so twice!

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A New Year to Share Incredible Gifts

On the way to campus Tuesday morning after stopping at Undergrounds drive up window for my usual second cup of coffee I was thinking about the sermon that Caryn shared at First Presbyterian Church two days earlier. Stopping for the traffic light at Grimes & Joe Harvey everyone came to a halt when an ambulance with lights and siren fully engaged burst through the intersection on its way to the hospital. It was 6:14 AM and I said my first behind the wheel of my car prayer of the new year, hoping that God would heal the person who was being transported for whatever emergency treatment that was needed.

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The Return of Athletics–Merry Christmas USW!

Guest Blog by Steve Appel, USW Athletic Director

The first thing I would like to do is applaud all the students, coaches, staff, administration, and faculty for what I believe was a successful fall semester. Although there were many challenges that none of us could have foreseen, I believe we placed safety first while still supporting students to succeed academically. In so doing I also believe we gave our student-athletes the best scenario for living out a “normal” college experience and successfully completing their classes and preparing for upcoming athletic competition.

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Lunch & Learn Goes Global

Guest blog by Dr. Ryan Tipton, USW Provost

Over the last four years, the university has hosted its “Lunch & Learn” internal professional development event.  The monthly series began in 2016 and was originally intended to serve as a knowledge sharing and collaborative activity among USW faculty.  Early meetings would provide faculty the opportunity to share recent developments from their disciplines and various academic projects. 

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Sharing Alum Success Story

Guest blog by Dr. Bill Sumruld, USW Professor

Although we just celebrated Thanksgiving and now are entering into the Advent Season, it always is a joy to be able to share alumni news successes as we learn about them. This week’s blog features an interview summation by Theology Professor Dr. Bill Sumruld from his conversation with a USW Alumna Sharon Kaselonis about a new book she recently published.

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Always Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Break approaches next week and the exodus from campus is winding down. With classes transitioning to remote, online learning late last month and athletic training complete for the fall term, most students living on campus have since departed for home and most everyone else is working from home. But it will be an unusual Thanksgiving this year to say the least.

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Blessed are the Peacemakers

Later this week, if not later tonight, our nation’s voters will have selected the persons to serve as President and Vice-President of the greatest democracy on the planet. And while we all won’t be satisfied with the outcome, I think we all will agree when it’s over that we are glad that presidential elections don’t occur more often than every four years. I think we also might agree that we won’t miss the avalanche of negative political advertising that we see on TV or in the mail. After today we also may begin wondering how do we get back to some semblance of normality and what might that even look like?

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