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The Value of a USW Degree

An article I read this morning referenced research from Kansas State University about the value of college degree completion compared to students who stop out and fail to acquire a bachelor’s degree. A peer-reviewed study by Economics Professor Dr. Amanda Gaulke found that college degree recipients immediately earn an average of $4,300 more in salary opportunity compared to those who drop out and don’t finish college. Furthermore, acquiring a bachelor’s degree nets the college grad $1,100 per year more in wages compared to the annual earnings of those who don’t finish.

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An Introduction and an Invitation

If you are new to campus since the pandemic and haven’t had the opportunity to meet David Blackwood, then let me introduce him to you in today’s blog. A ”regular” in USW’s weekly musical ministry that has accompanied our Wednesday morning Chapel service for some time, David has stepped up to lead worship ever since in-person activities went exclusively online last year.

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Scientific Study Nets Research Grant

Guest Blog by Dr. Yusheng Wu, Professor of Biology

Last week after Chapel I had the good fortune to share lunch with Dr. Yusheng Wu who caught me up on some important news about student successes about which I had not previously heard. I also was delighted when he accepted my offer to prepare this week’s blog to share this information with the USW community. So here it is in Professor Wu’s own words!

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Getting Back to Normal

Last week I watched three soccer matches on USW’s Bob Moran home field. I also attended a Board of Trustees meeting earlier in the week and worshipped on Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church where we were blessed to have 7 USW students singing in the choir. The five newest additions to the choir are members of the USW Baseball team.

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Getting to Know Dr. Myrna Roberts

Like me, Myrna Roberts is an Okie. And although she is beginning her second year of teaching Communication courses at USW, it was just last January that we first met. Like me, she was so excited that COVID vaccines had been made available to USW faculty here in Lea County well before they were widely available elsewhere. Accordingly, Myrna travelled from Oklahoma City just for the purpose of receiving her shots as early as possible.

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